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Amazon is a dominant force in the online retail world that hosts millions of sellers on the platform. In this fiercely competitive marketplace, utilizing the powerful advertising capabilities of Amazon can certainly prove helpful. It is important to follow a strategic advertising approach on Amazon to increase the discoverability of your products and brand. Our experts will help you in implementing a well-planned advertising strategy for your business and invite a huge surge in your sales and revenue. We will assist you by creating data-driven advertising campaigns that strengthen your brand value and attract exceptional growth for your business on Amazon.

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It is important to develop an effective advertising strategy to increase your brand visibility, draw more customer attention and establish your successful business on Amazon. We strive hard to create well-managed campaigns that perform exceedingly well, match your business needs and keep your advertising costs at the lowest. Our experts manage all your advertising campaigns and are always prepared to make timely amends to drive consistently good performance.

  • Well-Executed Strategy: One of the essential components of our Amazon Advertising Services is to conduct a deep study of your business niche, your product portfolio, and your target audience before developing any ad campaign. A thorough analysis of your competitors and a good understanding of your business helps us create campaigns that strengthen your brand appeal and attract tremendous growth.
  • Efficient Implementation: We have hands-on experience in selecting appropriate advertising solutions on Amazon and picking prominent ad placements that can push your business to great heights. Our experts use proven methodologies and tools to devise an advertising strategy that can keep your advertising costs lower and maximize your return on investment (ROI).
  • Effective Optimization: We employ a robust testing and monitoring system to keep a tab on the performance of your ongoing campaigns. Our experts closely observe the real-time data and key metrics to check the progress of your campaigns. A team of specialists makes regular upgrades and optimizations to maintain the efficacy of your ads for better profitability and revenue growth.
  • High-End Reporting: In-depth campaign performance and sales projection reports produced at regular intervals are immensely helpful in maintaining the overall business momentum. Our Amazon Advertising Services enable you to fine-tune your advertising strategy based on authentic data and drive optimum growth and profitability for your business.

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The ads promote individual products and appear on search results and your product pages; you can select the keywords to be targeted, decide bids for the ad clicks and reach your potential customers in the middle of their shopping journey.
Sponsored Brands ads feature your brand logo, a custom headline, and multiple products; the ads appear on search results and help to increase awareness of your brand and product portfolio.
These are auto-play product video ads that instantly grab shoppers’ attention; the customers can watch the videos to get information about your products before clicking and getting directed to your product listings for making a likely purchase.
The ads are similar to Sponsored Brands but instead of featuring products you can promote sub-pages from your Amazon Storefront; the store spotlight ads appear on top of search results pages and can be used to boost sales of specific categories.
The Sponsored Display ads inform the customers about your brand and encourage them to buy; you don’t need to sell on Amazon to avail sponsored display ads, the customers can be directed to your product page, brand store, a custom landing page or an external website.
These are 10 to 30-second long audio commercials that can be used for marketing campaigns or promoting your brand; the listeners can tune in through their Echo devices or hear your ad while using Amazon Music app on Android, FireTV, and iOS.
The video ads are typically 15-30 seconds long and appear on Amazon’s OTT platforms, Fire TV; connected TVs, publisher channels, and on and off Amazon video content platforms; the landing page for your ad can be an Amazon product page, your website, or an external source on the web.
Amazon DSP (Demand-Side Platform) provides brands an opportunity to programmatically buy display, video, and audio ads to target a specific audience or market; it is a perfect advertising platform to increase brand awareness, retarget customers and strengthen your business on Amazon.