Amazon PPC



Amazon is witnessing an exponential rise of sellers on its platform. With every passing day, the number of products being listed on Amazon is growing at a rapid pace. It is getting hard for sellers to draw qualified traffic for their products. The powerful advertising capabilities of Amazon cut through all the noise and help you gain better exposure for your products. The various advertising options, like Sponsored Product Ads, Sponsored Brand Ads, Sponsored Display ads, etc., support you in reaching out to potential customers across Amazon’s marketplace. However, advertising on Amazon needs enough experience and know-how to get the ball rolling. You must be well-versed in analyzing the customer search queries; devising bid strategies, planning budgets, and optimizing the performance of your ad campaigns, and beyond.

By partnering with our Amazon PPC management agency we can help you with an efficient & result-oriented Amazon advertising strategy. We offer competitive analysis, proactive testing methods, well-thought-out bidding strategies, and other specialized services to support your advertising efforts. Managing and monitoring your campaigns will help in improving visibility and strengthening your brand presence which eventually leads to higher conversions and sales. With our strategic and well-executed advertising campaigns, you can carve a niche and attain sustainable growth for your Amazon business.



We use sophisticated tools to conduct rigorous keyword research; we extract keywords that lead to higher sales and replace the ones that result in wasted Ad spend.
We keep an eye on your competitors and the strategies they utilize; taking a cue from their targeted keywords and advertising plans, we can further refine your campaigns for optimal results and performance.
We apply a combination of manual and auto-target campaigns for increased conversions and sales; Sponsored Products Ads and Sponsored Brand Ads boost the visibility of your products resulting in better brand recognition and sales.
We conduct an audit of the existing campaigns and make appropriate changes to optimize Ad spend for higher sales and lower ACoS; we constantly monitor ad campaigns to ensure optimal results and higher conversions.
We identify the winning ad campaigns and accordingly target profitable keywords in a category; it leads to increased organic ranking for many of your high-focus keywords.
We aim at driving qualified traffic through well-executed PPC campaigns; the enhanced brand value and recognition eventually push your business way ahead of your competitors.
Negative keywords prevent ads from appearing for search queries that are irrelevant or highly non-converting; we provide you with a list of negative keywords to help you avoid any wasted Ad spend.
It is a proven testing method to recognize elements in a product listing that drive customers to purchase; we run different variants of product listings by interchanging text, images, and graphic overlays, collecting data over time and determining the listings that garner maximum conversions and sales.
We utilize the entire spectrum of powerful advertising options available with Amazon and include, search, display, and targeted advertising campaigns for your products and brand.
We constantly monitor your Amazon PPC campaigns and create reports based on some key performance metrics; we analyze them and make changes in the campaigns for desirable outcomes.



Sponsored Product Ads-With Sponsored Product Ads you can decide the products to be displayed in ads, and include the best keywords or product attributes to target with a pre-defined CPC (cost-per-click). The ads show up when the customers search for the keywords or products that you’ve targeted. They appear in relevant search results & product detail pages and boost the visibility of your individual Amazon product listings. With competitive bids, we can immensely increase the chances of your Ad appearing in customers’ search queries.

Sponsored Brand Ads-Sponsored Brand Ads are great for promoting your products on Amazon and increasing your brand awareness. The Ads appear on relevant search result pages and some product detail pages. The ads feature your brand logo, a custom headline, and a selection of your products. They are best suited for large product portfolios and can considerably increase the visibility of your products, conversions, and sales.

Product Keyword Research

Sponsored Display Ads-These Ads are a perfect fit for reaching out to customers on and off Amazon and show up throughout customers’ shopping journeys. Sponsored Display Ads allow you to target potential customers and even retarget the ones who have interacted with your products previously. The ads are extremely useful in increasing the overall efficiency of your campaigns.

Some key benefits of Amazon PPC management services:

  • Higher visibility of your products
  • Improved brand recognition and trust
  • Increased focus on the targeted audience
  • Engagement with a wide spectrum of shoppers
  • Exceptional sales and revenue growth