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A well-crafted product listing may not be enough if you intend to build a roaring presence for your products on Amazon. You need to engage with your potential shoppers by exposing your products and putting them out in the open. An advertising campaign is the most potent medium to do it. Advertising on Amazon needs a sound strategy otherwise it can result in substantial Ad spend wastage. Despite investing considerable time and effort an ill-managed campaign will never bring favorable results. So a product listing should be backed by a strategic Amazon PPC campaign. A well-managed PPC campaign will significantly increase your visibility; attract potential buyers leading to an instant surge in sales.

But planning and managing an Ad campaign requires a thorough understanding of the Amazon platform. The targeted advertising and strategic placement of ads may be a daunting task for a seller. Our team of experts can take this burden off your shoulders and manage the entire Ad campaign for you. We have years of experience and expertise in handling marketing and advertising for Amazon sellers. Being able to effectively communicate and highlight the strengths of a brand is crucial for promoting it. It goes a long way in creating brand awareness, attracting an influx of shoppers, bringing in higher conversions, and building long-term loyalty for your brand. We develop efficient campaigns that cater to your specific business needs and help in maximizing your sales while keeping the advertising costs low.


Amazon PPC Advertising offers a detailed guide for Ad creation; we can get your campaign up and running within no time.
Amazon PPC campaigns show up in places where your potential customers spend considerable time, thus greatly increasing the chances of high-converting buyers noticing your brand.
PPC campaigns allow the convenience of targeting customers based on their search behaviors, online activity patterns, and interactions with their preferred platforms.
Once you set up a PPC Advertising campaign you can immediately see the results pouring in, but for maintaining favorable results there’s a constant need to monitor your campaign’s performance.
Testing is an integral part of an Advertising campaign; our PPC experts experiment with different versions of Ads by applying A/B split testing before picking the campaign that can generate maximum conversions.
Every seller may not have the budget to implement ongoing advertising campaigns; you can choose one-time campaigns, run them for short sales cycles and prioritize your advertising costs.
An effective PPC management can work wonders for the brand image and attract substantial traffic of customers primarily interested in your products and brand.
PPC advertising provides data that is measurable and can be properly tracked, thus limiting speculations and guesswork while analyzing various performance metrics of a campaign.


    A Keyword Strategy to Eliminate Ad Spend Leakage –Targeting the right customers with the right ads is important, otherwise, it can lead to clicks that don’t convert and result in wasted Ad spending. High-intent keywords, optimized with a perfect match type (broad match, exact match, or phrase match) should be infused in Amazon sponsored ads to get maximum results. By identifying high & low-performing keywords through an extensive keyword research and optimization process, we develop a perfect keyword bidding strategy to eliminate ad spend wastage.

    Negative Keyword Match to Boost RoAS (Return on Ad Spend) – Using negative keywords minimizes clicks with no real possibility of converting into a sale. You don’t spend on searches that are irrelevant and never lead to a purchase, so negative keyword matching is really useful. Our Amazon Sponsored Ads specialists will minutely examine your campaigns and help to unearth keywords that end up in an Ad spend drain.

    Effective Amazon PPC Bidding Strategy to Gain Profitability – There’s a constant need for fine-tuning and optimizing your bidding strategy. It’s a time taking process that requires enough expertise and continuous monitoring to ensure a smooth run. Only a PPC advertising expert with in-depth knowledge can provide any critical detail about your bidding process. We conduct a rigorous review of your ad campaigns, expose their flaws, correct them and then optimize your bids to achieve maximum profitability.

    Continuously Monitor Campaigns for their Effectiveness – Analyzing a PPC campaign’s performance may be a time-consuming and exhausting exercise but you can’t afford to miss it. It plays a key role in setting targets and achieving them along the way. Our Amazon Sponsored Ads specialists step in here and analyze your PPC Campaigns at the keyword, product, ad group, and campaign level to provide important insights. We provide detailed information about the performance of your ad placements, sales from advertised products, and Ad performance by keyword.

    Competitive Analysis to Stand Out from the Rest – By analyzing your competitive landscape, you can figure out your main competitors and even discover what their success mantra is and accordingly realign your campaign to stay ahead of the curve. But this is a cumbersome and time taking process. We extend our expertise to conduct proper research on your top competitors and provide all the necessary information that’s helpful for your successful Ad campaign.

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