7 Expert Post-Purchase Strategies For Your Amazon Store

Posted by Jimi Patel | April 20, 2021

Being a responsible seller, your journey doesn’t end after a customer clicks on the “Add to Cart” button. Brands that want to stay competitive and be remembered in the overcrowded marketplace should offer a satisfactory post-purchase service that leaves a big smile on the shopper’s face and not a frown of frustration. What is a post purchase service and how can you offer the best post purchase experience to your customers? Get all the answers in our latest blog post.

What’s post-purchase experience?

What’s post-purchase experience

After a shopper has purchased a product, the only thing left is delivery. This is where the post-purchase experience begins. Sadly, most Amazon sellers neglect this tremendous opportunity. Without any post-purchase efforts from your side, a customer is less likely to return to your brand.

It’s time you stop ignoring the post-purchase experience. Here’s why:

  • Post-purchase efforts trigger a repurchase. Customer retention is way cheaper than acquiring a new customer. A study suggests that acquisition is 5x more expensive than retention.
  • Not all brands/sellers focus on improving their post-purchase experience. If you improve, you can get the edge you were looking for.
  • Post-purchase services also reduce the chances of negative reviews.
  • All the brands say that they put customers first. By offering an excellent post-purchase service, you can actually prove it and increase customer trust.
  • By keeping shoppers in the loop after a purchase, you can gain valuable insights and feedback.
  • Loyal customers often recommend your product/brand to others. And as we know, word of mouth is the most powerful form of marketing.


7 Useful Post-Purchase Strategies For Your Amazon Store


#1: Thank them from the bottom of your heart

Thank them from the bottom of your heart

Building a brand goes beyond marketing and selling your product; you must connect to your shoppers on an emotional level. Sending a thank you email after a customer shops from you shows you care about them even after you have received money in your pockets. If you are selling on Amazon, you do not have the contact information of your customers, but you can always include a beautiful thank you note in your packaging. Here’s everything you should write in your thank-you note:

  • Show gratitude that the shoppers chose your brand
  • Make it personal by including a message from the founder
  • If possible, try to acknowledge return buyers and shoppers who purchase in bulk


#2: Ask for reviews

Ask for reviews

Asking for feedback from your customers is like walking on a double-edged sword. You cannot exclusively ask for positive reviews as you may risk your account health, so there is a 50% chance that a shopper will leave a negative review on your product. However, there are few ways to smartly ask for reviews. One of them is including an insert card in your packaging. Your insert card should say, “Happy with your purchase? Leave a review on Amazon. Not happy? Contact us, and we’ll make every effort to make it right for you.”


Timing also plays a significant role here. You want to allow customers enough time to let them try your product. Also, you should never nag the customers for review, or they will get frustrated and leave a poor review.


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#3: Personalize your packaging & make it ‘Gram worthy

Personalize your packaging & make it ‘Gram worthy

Unwrapping a product packaging is like unwrapping a gift. Most shoppers (including you and me!) are just as excited as a child opening Christmas presents. Research says that about 44% of your shoppers are more likely to buy from you if your product arrives in customized packaging. Have you ever seen the packaging videos of small businesses on TikTok and Instagram? They always go over the top and make sure the packaging of their product is pretty, perfect and, of course, ‘Gram worthy.


Amazon is responsible for about 50% of online sales in the US – that’s a lot of brown packaging hitting your shopper’s doorsteps. By using your brand logo and vibrant colors in the packaging, you can ensure that you stand out amidst the pool of khaki envelopes and boxes. If not pretty, at least make sure your packaging is easy to open because, according to Shorr, about 55% of the shoppers hate it when packaging is hard to open. Admit it, we all get frustrated, don’t we?


Need help designing a product packaging? Hire our Amazon photo editing services now!


#4: Offer product education documents

Offer product education documents
When you share information with your shoppers before they realize they even need it, you’ll find they’ll respond really well. Information like how to care and how to assemble has a significant impact on their shopping experience. That’s why an instruction booklet or “how to care” documents are necessary. It ensures that your customers know exactly how to set up, use and care for the product they’ve received. Here’s a list of essential documents you should add to your product packaging:

  • Specific instructions about the product or information that is not readily available on the listing. If you want to optimize your listing, take help from our Amazon optimization experts.
    Instruction manual with details about how to care for the product, how to install/assemble, how to use etc.
  • If possible, share a link to a video of someone assembling/ using a product so that your shoppers can get a proper idea
  • Pro tip: After you’ve wow-ed your customers with such informative and relevant content, it’s time for cross-selling. Personalize your product suggestions based on what they’ve previously purchased. Or recommend your Bestseller.


#5: Streamline the return/refund process

Streamline the return/refund process

No one wants their shoppers to return the product, but returns and refunds are inevitable. However, the way you react here can be the difference between a shopper telling others not to buy from you and a shopper genuinely wanting to purchase again from you. In fact, according to a study conducted by Zappos, about 95% of customers who return the product will make a repeat purchase. But only if the return procedure they have to follow is simple and straightforward. This is why you should always make it easy for the customers to understand your return policies and replace the product or refund them as soon as possible.

#6: Give more than just the product

Give more than just the product

Who doesn’t like surprises? Offering perks and delightful surprises is one of the best ways to boost their post-purchase experience. If you are selling a hairdryer or a shampoo, you can add beautiful pastel scrunchies in the packaging as a gift, or if you are selling a nonstick pan, you can add recipes shoppers can try on the pan. Shoppers always appreciate value-added perks, and this also reduces the chances of negative reviews.

#7: Send reminders on special discounts

Send reminders on special discounts

One easy way to ensure recurring purchases is by offering discounts or information about ongoing/future deals. Gary Vaynerchuk, in his book “Jab, jab, jab, right hook!” rightly said that in order to ask your social media followers to do something, you first have to give. And then keep on giving. This applies to your Amazon business as well. If you want your customers to keep coming back to you, it is necessary that you also provide them with a reason to keep them buying from you. This can be anything from discounts, promo codes and more.
Note: Be careful and don’t offer any discount offers or bonus items while you ask for reviews on the insert card, or else Amazon might consider it an incentivized reviews and this can create several problems for your account.

Offer ‘Em With Great Post Sale Service & Give ‘Em A Reason To Come Back

The sale of your product is the beginning of a bitter-sweet relationship with your customers – not the end. You spend loads of money to bring shoppers to your detail page and even more to convert them. Don’t let it go waste just because of lousy post-sale service. By putting effort into your post-sale services, you show your customers that you care for them. And they’ll thank you for it (by purchasing from you again and again and again)!
If you find yourself too busy to manage the pre-sales and post-sales services for your customer, contact our Amazon consultants right away!

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