All You Need To Know About Amazon Enhanced Brand Content

Posted by Jimi Patel | August 10, 2018

What Is Enhanced Brand Content?

Enhanced Brand Content is a brand registered seller exclusive service which allows to ‘enhance’ the product description of branded ASINs. It is a tool for professional sellers who want to stand out from the ever-growing competition and want their shoppers to make an informed purchase. You can fully customize your traditional FBA description by adding a unique brand story, enticing images, and crisp text placements. If used effectively, EBC can result in improved traffic, higher conversion rates and increased sales.

Amazon EBC Service

Some of the amazing benefits of EBC are listed below:

  • Relevant and information-packed text placements answer common customer queries and promote rapid purchase decision
  • Allows shopper to take a peek at your brand story
  • Educates buyers and build customer confidence and so that there are fewer chances of returns
  • Increases the frequency of turning advertisement clicks into sales
  • Make the shopping experience of customers a visual retreat
  • Accelerates brand awareness and increases shopper loyalty
  • You can add image related keywords which can benefit your SEO ranking
  • Makes you listing scannable

How Can I Be Eligible For EBC?

The only eligibility criteria to create an EBC is brand registry. All the sellers who have registered and are authorized under the Amazon Brand Registry Program are by default eligible for creating an EBC. Specific categories like books, media, video and a few others are not available for brand registry. Don’t worry if you don’t have a Brand Registry. At eStore Factory, you just need to give us the required documents and information. We will take care of the rest.

Amazon EBC Service

You can then create EBC exclusively for those ASINs that are the part of the approved brand catalog. Just by being a brand registry eligible seller doesn’t give you the license to enhance the product description as per choice. If not made according to specific guidelines and rules, your EBC might get rejected.

Is Enhanced Brand Content Paid?

At present Enhanced Brand Content is available free of cost to all the sellers who have enrolled for brand registry. Amazon has kept EBC in a promotional period for now and is gauging the interest of sellers, but as the massive ecommerce giant monetizes everything, it will soon apply some charges for Amazon EBC Service as well.

We anticipate that this service will not be free forever, so we encourage sellers to take advantage of this currently-free service before you have to pay a price for it. Even if you decide to outsource the designing and creation of EBC the potential benefits are sure to pay off the expenses.

A similar tool called A+ Content (EMC) is a paid tool available to 1st party sellers operating through Vendor Central. Price range for EMC ranges from $400 to $1200 depending on the package.

Amazon EBC Service

If you want to create engaging and compelling enhanced brand content without facing the hassle of designing and submission, just drop us a line. We are Amazon EBC experts and will help you create an appealing layout tailored just for your product.

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