How Can Amazon Sellers Dress Up Their Creatives for The Holidays

Posted by Jimi Patel | October 12, 2022

It’s that time of the year again! Q4 is underway, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are fast approaching and holidays are just around the corner. With the influx of shoppers during these four months, brands must position their Amazon store for success. While most brands choose to focus their finances, efforts and attention on PPC, ensuring that your customer perceives your brand as trustworthy is imperative. Everything from listing copy and images to storefront and A+ Content should be able to stand out in the crowd.

Amazon offers a wide variety of branding opportunities to provide a memorable shopping experience. Below we’ve shared some of the most overlooked creative optimization opportunities that most brands deprioritize when prepping their Amazon store for Q4.

#1: Detail page copy

Amazon listing optimization experts

Are your products indexed for holiday-related keywords? Are your bullet points and description informative enough to communicate your product’s unique features?

Your detail page copy plays a key role in increasing conversion. Amazon PPC optimization can help you get the customers on your detail page, but only an optimized detail page will compel them to click on the coveted “Add to Cart” button.

If your product is eligible for gift giving, go through your listing copy and add important holiday terms like “stocking stuffers,” “Hanukkah gift ideas,” “Christmas gifts for him/her,” or “Holiday gift ideas.” Leverage keywords like Merchant Words and Helium10 to uncover seasonal keywords that could be relevant to your product.

Too often, brands choose not to make changes to their detail page copy and miss out on these seasonal updates, but these minor adjustments are key to adding an element of timeliness to the holiday shopping experience.

Tip: Don’t DIY, hire an Amazon creative agency to get the job done professionally.

#2: Listing images

Amazon image and infographic creation

Most shoppers on Amazon don’t know what to gift. They are still looking for ideas, browsing from one listing to another. High-quality Amazon infographics and lifestyle images pique the interest of shoppers who land on your detail page. By filling each image slot with meaningful and helpful images, a brand can help shoppers feel confident that they have made the right choice.

To make sure your listing images are optimized for holiday shoppers, brands can add an image that highlights your product as the perfect gift or a Christmas bow and décor to get into the holiday spirit.

#3: A+ Content

A+ Content creation for Amazon sellers

As the competition gets fiercer during the gift-giving season, A+ Content gives your product detail page the edge it needs to stand out from the pack.

Adding A Plus Content to your listing answers the most common customer questions, provides relevant details, communicates your brand story and positively impacts your conversion rates.

If all your products, or at least your top-performing ASINs, don’t have A+ Content, you’re seriously missing out. Gone are the days when A+ Content was an exciting new feature. These days it’s a prerequisite for professional brands that want to build a community of loyal, returning customers.

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#4: Storefront

Storefront design for amazon

A storefront gives brands an opportunity to create their own identity, a mini-me version of their website on Amazon’s trustworthy domain. Shoppers no longer have to leave Amazon to search for your brand. When created correctly, storefront helps them know who you are, what’s your story and what you have to offer.

Before the holiday shopping spree begins, ensure your storefront is dressed appropriately. Add seasonal content, highlight products that sell best during the holidays and include taglines that are occasion-appropriate.

Amazon advertising states that storefronts that are updated at least once every 90 days saw a 35% higher attributed sales rate per visitor and 21% more repeating visitors than those which aren’t.

Brands that want to stay ahead of the curve must make meaningful changes to their store consistently, especially during tentpole events like Prime Day and Black Friday. The new Store Versions feature can also be leveraged to create a custom storefront that runs only on selected days. The version can be saved within Amazon’s system and recycled for the next holiday season.

If you haven’t already created a amazon storefront, now would be the time to hire an Amazon brand store design agency and get your store up and running.

Since 2021, Amazon has been displaying storefront on detail pages under “Featured from the store” and “Collections from the store” sections which make it important for brands to have a multi-page storefront ready before other brands take advantage of this readily-available real estate on your detail page.

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#5: Amazon Posts

Amazon creative agency

Amazon Posts is an excellent marketing tool to engage holiday shoppers, whether they’re browsing or ready to buy. The immersive, image-first experience offered by Posts helps maintain a consistent presence throughout the holiday season.

Posts is available to all the US sellers enrolled in the Amazon Brand Registry program. They are displayed on your detail page, competitor’s detail page and subpage with your storefront, making them almost unmissable. As shoppers browse, search and purchase gifts for their loved ones, Posts can help brands cut through the noise and capture customers’ attention.

Each post can feature up to 10 products, making them ideal for promoting a collection of holiday-relevant products in a single post. Brands can create lifestyle or product-specific holiday-themed posts that inspire shoppers to buy from them.

Best practices

  • Posts is currently free for brand-registered sellers with a storefront, so brands should post as much as they can.
  • Repurpose your existing social media content to save money creating new Posts.
  • Improve the performance of your posts using measurement metrics.
  • Be sure to add a catchy tagline along with your Posts.
  • Encourage shoppers to “follow” your brand.

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#6: Amazon Live

Amazon live for promotion during the holidays

Amazon Live is one of the best ways to increase consideration for last-minute shoppers, specifically during big sale days like Black Friday and Prime Day.

During live streams, the creator can engage with shoppers in real time through interactive, shoppable live streams. As shoppers watch the broadcast, they can chat with the creator, browse through a brand’s product line and even purchase the featured products.

Brands can capitalize on the ballooning Q4 traffic and promote their products directly to hundreds and thousands of purchase-ready shoppers.

To increase the success of your live, run a special promo code that only viewers can take advantage of. This not only drives urgency but also provides value to the shoppers who join your live. Live streams will appear on your product detail pages and on your storefront. Customers who choose to “follow” your brand will receive notifications when you go live.

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#7: Manage your customer engagement

create an amazon storefront

The MYCE tool allows brand-registered sellers to market directly to shoppers who “follow” their brand.

Shoppers browsing for gifts will be interested to learn about the new products launched in the season and the discount offers running in your store.

The MYCE tool is for loyal and repeat customers who want to know more about your brand. Prior to key sale days like the BFCM weekend or the holidays, brands can launch email marketing campaigns highlighting products on sale or newly launched products.

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Need creative assistance?

Amazon is continuously testing a variety of creative initiatives and features that makes it all-important for brands to take advantage of these opportunities. Don’t just be another brand selling on Amazon, be the brand shopper searches for.

It’s true that developing A+ Content or optimizing a storefront is time-consuming. Planning the message, creating copy and visual assets, and even getting everything uploaded and reviewed by Amazon can be tedious and demanding. But keep in mind the bar set by other savvy brands. Shoppers will arrive at your detail expecting it to look just as professional and top-notch as other brands. You don’t want to disappoint them with not enough content or average images.

Populate your listing images slot with new infographics, create much more informative copy, add a professional video to your top-performing ASINs, publish A+ Content or Premium A+ Content if you are eligible, make improvements to your storefront – there’s so much you can do along with PPC to stay ahead of the game.

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