How Much Does An Amazon Account Manager Cost?

Posted by Tushar Kapadia | May 6, 2022

Amazon is evolving so fast; it’s difficult to keep up. It can be overwhelming if you’ve just started out – and that’s when an account manager can help. Choosing the right account manager can be the difference between thriving and barely surviving on Amazon. 

What is an account manager?

Account manager is a dedicated person that’ll help sellers figure out their Amazon business. They can handle everything from day-to-day account management tasks to firefighting problems in your Seller/Vendor central account. 

How much does an account manager cost?

At eStore Factory, you can hire a qualified and professional account manager for $3000 per month. Unlike most agencies out there, we choose not to hide our prices. We have a pricing page where the prices of each of the services are clearly listed along with the deliverables. 

Is it worth spending $3K per month for Amazon account management?

If you have the time, expertise and patience to do everything by yourself, do it on your own. If not, always remember what Peter Ducker said, “Do what you do your best and outsource the rest.” We’ll back Peter Ducker’s quote with an example. There was a friend of mine who did his taxes by himself to save money. At first, it was easy, but eventually, as his income increased, things got a lot more complicated, so he hired a CPA. Surprise, surprise, the expert saved more money than he cost!

Hiring an account manager can free yourself from the hassles of everyday Amazon issues, leaving you to focus better on your business. 

Our account managers can help you out with the following:

  • Listing setup and variation creation
  • Listing reinstatement
  • Listing optimization and keyword research
  • A+ Content & listing image optimization
  • FBA shipment setup
  • Amazon ad campaign setup and optimization
  • Everyday account management 


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