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An Exclusive Brand Destination to Win Customers and Drive Exceptional Growth

Online buying has brought a lot of convenience and flexibility to the whole shopping experience. But replicating a physical store environment where a shopper gets to see and touch products in real life is still a challenge. Amazon being an innovative eCommerce player has tried to fill this gap by providing the Storefront services. An Amazon Storefront is an excellent medium for sellers to create an immersive and personalized experience for the buyers. The Storefront isn’t simply about displaying and selling products, it is a great platform to strengthen a brand’s overall value proposition. The consumers learn more about your brand story and the way it has evolved. You get a high-intent audience that’s primarily interested in your products.

We, at eStore Factory, have a seasoned team of Amazon Storefront designers that carefully analyzes your products and their categories before suggesting an end-to-end storefront design solution.

Amazon Storefront – Why is it important?

Amazon is a massive eCommerce platform with sellers listing millions of their products on the site incessantly. The fierce competition and the expansive nature of the marketplace compel brands to grab shoppers’ attention. There’s a constant need for the brands to differentiate themselves and stand out from the rest. Despite a shopper hitting your product listing, there’s a definitive need to convey your brand’s legacy and value proposition. It is not possible to do it without conveying the uniqueness of your brand and building trust among your customers. Amazon Storefronts play a key role in:

Increased Brand Awareness – Amazon Storefronts being a mini-version of your brand’s website on the Amazon platform help in building brand awareness and attracting significant traffic to your page. A Storefront helps a seller to represent the brand value, which is one of the most important components of an Amazon Marketing Strategy.

Focused Sales – The customers get to see the entire catalog of products in one place. A Storefront allows the shoppers to exclusively navigate through your products with an added focus. As there are no competitor products alongside, it results in increased brand awareness, more traffic, and higher sales.

What are various design template options available for Amazon Storefronts?

It lets you showcase the wide range of your products in a simple format. You can display your products in a quick and hassle-free manner.
The template allows the shoppers to have in-depth information about the products. There’s enough scope for displaying detailed product descriptions, accommodating more product images, and also the testimonials.
It provides a lot of flexibility in presenting the full variety of your products. You have the provision to add detailed images and a lot of relevant content in this template.

Why Choose Our Storefront Design Services?

  • An Expert Team – We have a highly trained team of copywriters and Amazon Storefront designers to create Amazon Storefront from start to finish.
  • Dedicated Project Manager – A dedicated project manager will keep you updated about any change in design and development related to your Storefront. The manager acts as a reliable one-point contact to handle all your storefront-related queries.
  • Tailor-made Solutions – We don’t follow a one-size-fits-all approach. We create an Amazon Storefront that’s completely oriented to your brand and meets its specific requirements.
  • Cost-effective Approach – We provide services to create Amazon Storefront at an amazingly competitive price. We are considered one of the most efficient, result-oriented, and affordable Storefront services in the industry.
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