PPC Consultant



PPC is a paid advertising service where you pay only when someone clicks your ads. The ads feature on search results of Google, Bing, and other paid search engines. Pay-per-click ads can be created for popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and other websites or apps. The PPC also plays a key role in promoting your business on e-commerce or online shopping websites like Amazon, Walmart, eBay, etc. However, a judicious usage of competitive keywords & a well-thought-out PPC strategy is essential, otherwise, you may experience a huge dent in your advertising spend.

We offer our PPC consulting services to develop well-executed PPC campaigns for your business and refurbish your existing campaigns for more effectiveness and performance. We will optimize your campaigns by creating result-oriented ads that increase your conversions enormously. As your PPC consultants, we will analyze your key data and performance indicators before planning your advertising campaigns. We are equipped to help you gain more sales, qualified traffic, and a surge in your ROI by developing a robust and effective advertising strategy for your business.



PPC allows you to advertise within a predefined budget; you have the flexibility of changing your ad budget (regardless of the size of your business) and still work within your limits.
The core benefit of PPC advertising is that you pay only when someone clicks your ad; a click on your ad provides better chances of a conversion and since you’ve fixed a maximum ad spend beforehand you won’t go overboard.
PPC advertising yields quick results; you can increase the traffic to your business in shorter periods and witness fast conversion growth.
With a data-driven strategy, you can develop targeted advertising campaigns focused on specific audiences leaving enough room for making improvements in the campaigns based on the performance and results.
You have a wide range of tools to track conversions, so you can easily analyze if an advertising strategy is working or not; if at some point you feel you aren’t getting enough returns you can make tweaks or even create new advertising campaigns to achieve desired outcomes.



Assign A PPC Specialist-We will assign an experienced PPC manager to handle all your advertising campaigns. Our experts will deeply study your business & accordingly suggest a PPC marketing strategy that works best for you. A dedicated team will manage your ongoing Ad optimizations & carefully monitor the performance of your PPC campaigns.

Select Best Keywords for Your Business-We will conduct rigorous keyword research to find the most profitable keywords for your business. Our team uses sophisticated research tools to choose a final list of keywords after sifting through thousands of key phrases based on their relevance, search volume, competition, etc. By excluding negative keywords, we ensure that you get maximum value for your Ad spend and prevent any wastage due to non-converting and irrelevant traffic.

Competitor Analysis-We closely monitor your competition & their advertising process. By understanding their strategies and evaluating their strengths and weaknesses, we can adopt a smarter approach, create impactful ad copies & improve your advertising campaigns.

Product Keyword Research

Ad Creation – Writing for Ads is one of the key components of a successful campaign. We choose the best keywords and write ads that are enticing enough for users to click on them and make transactions. Our team develops effective and high-performing ads with compelling headlines and text.

Effective Testing of Ads – As PPC consultants, we constantly monitor the performance of your ads and make continuous efforts to run them at their peak efficiency. Our team performs A/B testing to check the effectiveness of the ads and attain optimal results for your advertising campaigns.

Audience Analysis – We evaluate & gain insights into your audiences and their motivations. By understanding their likings, shopping habits, and search behaviors we can target ads effectively. We follow audience trends closely and make necessary improvements in your campaigns and even launch new ads to keep the results pouring in.

Provide Budget Insights – As your PPC consultants, we keep a strict vigil on your advertising expenses and provide details about your ROI so that you can manage your advertising budgets efficiently.

Social Media PPC – We can help you with your advertising campaigns across all major social media platforms. Our team has proven expertise in running PPC campaigns on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, etc. With targeted advertising on social media, your brand gets tremendous exposure while maintaining a low advertising budget.

Google Adwords PPC – We have Google-certified PPC experts to handle your Google Ads and help you strengthen your online presence. Our team will assist you to achieve higher conversions even with lower cost-per-click rates.

Amazon Advertising/E-commerce – As PPC consultants, we will promote your products across Amazon and other popular e-commerce platforms by developing the most effective and result-oriented PPC advertising campaigns.

PPC Remarketing – Our team will help you retarget visitors who have shown some interest in your products or services previously. By using social media engagements and online promotions we will help you with PPC remarketing to earn more conversions and revenue. We will create a comprehensive remarketing plan for your business to engage higher traffic and convert more browsers into buyers.