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Amazon is a constantly evolving and highly competitive marketplace. As an Amazon seller, in addition to having an effective SEO strategy, you can also take advantage of the powerful advertising capabilities of Amazon. A well-managed Amazon Sponsored Ad campaign can enhance your visibility, help attract more shoppers, increase your sales & drive you way ahead of your competition. But PPC advertising isn’t a set-it and forget-it exercise; it requires constant attention, time and skills to manage it well.

We are experienced in managing Sponsored Ads for Amazon; our experts build and optimize successful Ad campaigns, to deliver outstanding results that support your business goals. A comprehensive advertising strategy helps in meeting pre-determined business objectives. Our strategic Ad campaigns will improve your organic rankings while decreasing your ACoS and pushing your sales numbers higher.


We primarily focus on the following advertising options on Amazon:

Sponsored Product Ads boost visibility by promoting an Ad for an individual product; the Ad shows up in relevant search results and product detail pages and can help in getting you the best sales-per-click.
Sponsored Brand Ads appear in relevant searches and some product detail pages featuring a custom headline, brand logo, and a selection of your products; they are suitable for businesses with a large product portfolio.
It is a good advertising option for targeting customers both on and off Amazon, you can also retarget customers who have searched through your products previously.


    Improve Sales and Brand Awareness with Targeted Advertising – We apply a combination of manual and auto-target advertising campaigns to attract qualified traffic and see a visible increase in conversions and sales. The Amazon Sponsored Ads campaigns positively impact the visibility of your brand and its overall value proposition on Amazon.

    Re-build Existing Campaigns to reduce ACoS –We refine existing campaigns that are tangled up and difficult to monitor. The upward ACoS trend and the higher Ad spend for such campaigns isn’t justified seeing their sales volume. We reorient each campaign, make improvements and in a matter of weeks there’s a marked increase in conversions and sales with a cut-back in ACoS.

    Select High Performing Keywords – A lot of research goes into analyzing and picking keywords that draw sales and eliminating the ones that result in Ad spend wastage.

Product Keyword Research

    Better Conversions and Sales by Optimizing Ads – We keep a proper track and identify keywords that are highly profitable and can be targeted in a client’s category. It helps in improved organic ranking, higher conversions and sales.

    Outshine Competition & Strengthen Brand Value –With a focus on driving high-converting traffic to the product pages, we develop PPC campaigns that strengthen a brand’s value proposition. This helps the clients surpass the competition and take their brands ahead of the rest.

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